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Delight in art, destined for fun

With grace and poise, both delicate and artistic, U Hotel Taipei sits at the center of the Zhongshan District, Taipei City, welcoming travelers from all around the world. U Hotel Taipei is a subsidiary of Fantasia Culture Tourism Management Co. Ltd. Equipped with resource and international experiences in abundance, outstanding insight into urban life and accommodation, and with local features cleverly blended, we have a new form of boutique hotel boasting both quality and amity.

Delight in art, destined for fun is the spirit of our brand. We seek sublime quality of service, and create a cozy homey hotel that is artistically elegant and sophisticatedly chic. Once you walk into the U Hotel Taipei, you experience the transformation of art into life, where beautiful art and gourmet food stimulate all five of your senses, and where hospitality and interactions await.

Artistically elegant. Sophisticatedly chic. Cozy homey. U Hotel Taipei welcomes you with a banquet of art and culture.